Photo Booth rental in NJ



The Hollywood Glam Photo Booth (or Kardashian Style Photo Booth as some have called it) is our own blend of proprietary, fast, and automatic glamour shots that come together with incredible model lighting and awesome event hosts that help to create something truly special.

We’ve designed a user experience that is so unique that your guests will be talking about it for years and take with them something they’ll keep forever. Plus, it’s just downright fun.

So, how do we do it? What’s the big secret? It starts with lighting. By utilizing really great lighting, we can make every guest at your event look like a professional model.

Next, we pose your guests. Our awesome event hosts have fun interacting with your guests to make them look “just right” for the camera. Oh, speaking of cameras, we only use professional level, crazy-grade tech inside our photo booths. We also know how to properly use it as our is comprised of skilled and experienced photographers. That’s to say that your event host knows lighting, cameras, and most of all, people.

So everything has been leading up to this. Here’s the part of the story where the picture actually gets taken. Smile! Snap. Print. That’s right, the photos will be printed, on site, with super fast processing speed in glossy, long-lasting 4×6″ prints.

glam photo booth rental

Give your guests something different at your next event. We promise that they’ll have the time of their lives and enjoy every second of the experience. Don’t settle for anything less than special. Check out the Hollywood Glam Photo Booth option today and ask about how you can bring this technology to your next event. You can contact us here. We’d love to have a chat with you about your options!

Cost: $2,499 for 4 hours of service.