Magic Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Looking for some serious fairy tale glamour to add to your wedding day? Look no further than the Magic Mirror Photo Booth! Not just another picture taking machine, the Magic Mirror takes your Wedding photography to the next level. It looks like a piece of furniture at your venue and it

 takes fabulous photos with the ability to fit your guests and the venue staff into your photos!

If you’re stuck making a decision on which Photo Booth you should have at your event, the Magic Mirror is always a good idea. Your pictures will print just ten seconds after taking, and you can use the booth as many times as you want too, it’s truly unlimited. It also allows for as many people as you can squeeze into the photo, which makes it perfect for all those family shots at weddings as well as taking great photos of the bridesmaids and the classic Bride and Groom shots!

You just have to touch the mirror to turn on the booth, making it easy for everyone to use, it takes four beautiful photos of you with our amazing selection of props and then prints the photo instantly. It’s the perfect talking point for your daytime, and evening guests and gives your Wedding a touch of uniqueness.

Opting for a vintage theme? The Magic Mirror still fits in perfectly, with its’ customizable skins you can make the Mirror suit you! It takes just half an hour for us to set up, and even less to take down having no impact on the end of your night at all. On top of this, you can add signatures, animations and all sorts to your already fabulous photos using the mirror touch screen, giving your guests the perfect personal experience.

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is already our most popular booth, so if you’re thinking of booking get in touch ASAP, you don’t want to miss out! You can inqurie here or take a look at more information about the newest trend in photo booths here.