Metal Portrait Photographynjpbr


Metal Portrait Photography (also known as Digital Tintype or Metallic Print Photography) is the newest, most unique option that you can offer your guests. We combine our photography with a little technical magic to provide incredibly impressive 6×8″ metallic prints. NJ Photo Booth Rentals is the only place to get this unique service.

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The best way to see this metallic media that we use is to hold it in your hands. We’d love to send you a sample. Just drop us a note below!

Below are examples of how the digital results will look next to the metallic prints as they would sit on your shelves. This is a premium service for those discerning clients looking for something that nobody has ever seen before.

We can create a custom filter to give your winter wedding or holiday party a “frosted” feeling. Alternatively, we can create a vintage filter for your “vintage” wedding or event. The options are endless and limited only to the imagination of our design team. 


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