How to Rent a Photo Booth for Your Weddingnjpbr

How to Rent a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Sweet 16, Corporate Event, or Other Event

If you are here to find out more information about renting a photo booth for your next event, you are on the right track.  Photo booths are one of the most popular additions to any party, and for good reason.  People let their inhibitions go and pose like crazy – and then take the proof of the good time they had at your party home in the form of a photo strip.  Here at we are committed to making your party fabulous – and we provide the best and most current photo booths in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Eastern Pennsylvania area.  Our White Label Photo Booth is one of a kind – and beautiful.  We designed and crafted a custom, all white and frosted acrylic luxury photo booth for you!  You are obviously looking for the best in the business, which led you to our page and information about renting photo booths for your next event.  No matter the party, our customizable photo booth will only enhance the event and never monopolize your guests’ attention.  Not only will they have fun, but they will get to keep a 2×6 photo strip with the images from their time in the photo booth.

When your guests enter the booth, they will seat themselves on the white leather couch – which can accommodate a crowd – and come face to face with our state of the art touch screen.  The large color display will guide your guests effortlessly through taking a set of pictures of themselves and their friends, from the first pose to the last camera flash.  Once they have smiled, posed and pouted to their heart’s content, our lightening-fast photo printer will have their images to them seconds after they exit the booth.  Our photo prints are available in Black and White, Color, or Sepia Tone.  These prints are also customizable with your event’s colors, monogram or company logo to make sure your guests’ keepsakes will remind them of the fabulous time they had at your party!  Because of the speed of our White Label Photo Booth’s photo printer, as many people as possible will get a chance in the ever – popular photo booth.   People of all ages and interests love our photo booth, as you can go in individually or with as large of a group as you can squeeze in there – usually around nine people.  Kids and older generations also love the booth, as once you are inside you can let your own personality shine through.  Whether your guests use props or take stoic portraits, you will have a record of the antics inside the booth at your own event.

The White Label Photo Booth pricing is fair – you are charged a flat fee for the time used for the event.  This price includes as many images that can be captured in this time period, and unlimited prints.  An additional perk to the all inclusive price is a flash drive of all the images that were captured during your event – so your guests have the prints, but you have the proof of the good time they had posing in the photo booth.  Here at NJ Photo Booth Rentals we are just as excited about a good time as you are – and we want to help you pull off a fantastic event for your guests.  By including our White Label Photo Booth in  your event, you are giving your guests the opportunity to capture some candid moments, and take home the evidence of the fun they had with you and in our photo booth.  We have been in the entertainment business for over 15 years and stand behind our product.  We wanted our clients to have the best photo booth available, so we built it.  Contact us at with any questions you may have about our professional photo booth prints or photo booth rentals.  We look forward to helping you plan your event!