Do It Yourself Photo Booths (DIY Photo Booth)njpbr

Do It Yourself Photo Booths (DIY Photo Booth)

How many events have you been to recently that have had a photo booth?  How many of the homemade photo booths have felt cheesy and a little bit lacking?  For your next event, consider renting a photo booth from us at  Our professionally made and operated photo booth will save you time and effort and impress your guests at your next function.  Your event will look great and with the “White Label Photo Booth” your guest will be able to take home a lasting and professional keepsake to remember your event and the great time they had.

With access to the Internet and DIY informational pages cropping up every day, you may be tempted to construct and run your own photo booth at your next event.  However, there are many advantages for renting a photo booth over making your own.  First of all, our photo booth is professionally constructed and made to last.  The all white and frosted exterior will provide a classy and neutral backdrop to your pictures, making it a perfect setting for many different people and moods.  Inside the booth your guests (and you!) will sit comfortably on a couch to help to get in the silly and fun mood it takes to get great photo booth shots!

Our photo booth comes with fun props and personalized colors, but if you do want to add your own touch to our photo booth rental, feel free to bring in some of your own props.  Just don’t work too hard – that is our job!  Some fun ideas are costume accessories, frames (large enough to frame a head or two!), and dry erase message boards for guests to write their own dialogue.  Don’t try to direct it too much though, as you want these shots to be candid and fun.

At first glance it may feel like setting up and running your own photo booth may save money and time, but with the time and effort saved will be worth every extra penny for us to bring our professional photo booth and take care of the details for you.  We set up and tear down the booth and provide you with an on site assistant to answer any questions or address any issues that may pop up during your event.  If there happen to be any issues, our assistant also arrives with backup equipment ready to fix any malfunctions and keep your guests posing away without missing a beat.

Of course, the best part of any photo booth is the lasting memories you will have…and the hilarious, sweet and sentimental pictures you get to take home with you.  Our professional photo strips can be customized to suit your event and are available in Black/White, Color or Sepia.  You will also receive a flash drive chock full of your guests’ antics in our photo booth.

One of the downfalls of a DIY photo booth is usually guests or a friend is the photographer.  But don’t make your guests work for their picture prizes!  Inside the photo booth, our large, easy to operate touch screen takes the work out of getting the pictures.  Our screen will take your guests through a simple process to get their candid shots, and all they have to do is smile…or pout…or pose!

We understand.  You want your event to be perfect.  So let us, handle one of the most fun – and soon to be stress free – aspects of your event.  We will handle all of the details that you haven’t even thought of!  Our company has been in operation for over 15 years and we are committed to making your event special.   Contact us for pricing information and to bringing our White Label Photo Booth to your event!